Fast-track your Canada Immigration Visa Application

A real job offer from a Canadian employer is one method to speed-up your entrance to Canada. You can shave years off your property program processing time by finding employment in Canada.

The starting point is that a Canadian job offer.

1. Work Permit

Work permits are issued just for employment that’s temporary. In certain circumstances, work permits can be extended from inside Canada.


The quickest way to visit Canada is on a temporary work permit. Normally you can maintain Canada within weeks after you apply, if not earlier.


Before offering you a job, your potential Canadian employer may have to demonstrate that attempts were made to seek the services of Canadian residents for your planned position, but that those efforts were unsuccessful.

For more information, you need to read  Canada Immigration Visa guidelines to get proper information about the process.

Canada Immigration Visa

2. Arranged Employment

Arranged Employment relies on a permanent Canadian job offer of indeterminate length. You do not begin to work in Canada till you get your own Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa.


Your prospective Canadian employer does not need to demonstrate that Canadian residents couldn’t be found for your intended position. You will usually get your visa in less than one year.
You will receive up to 15 points under the Federal Skilled Worker class of Canada immigration.


None, actually. It absolutely won’t get one to Canada as fast as a work license.

3. Provincial Nomination

Provincial Nomination Includes elements like Arranged Employment and also to Work Permits. Many Canadian provinces and one territory offer nomination programs that cause some Canada Immigration Visa. Most often, it involves a permanent job offer of indeterminate span from a company in a particular province.


Once you’ve been nominated by a province you can usually immediately obtain a work permit to come to Canada and start work, even before your Canada Immigration Visa is issued.
Your application for Permanent Residence in Canada will receive priority processing and you’ll usually receive your visa in less than one year.


Before offering you the place, your prospective provincial employer will usually have to demonstrate that efforts were made to seek the services of Canadian residents, but those attempts were unsuccessful.
It won’t get you to Canada as quickly as a work permit, but it’s still relatively quick.