never ever searching past the night to discover the origins of their white-collared combatants on the desk.



The children are doing it for money; Venkat is doing it for Maths. All suffer from common bouts of remorse, however get over the pangs on every occasion with a large bang. And to top all of it, Venkat is serving a blackmailer with mathematical precision…till the suicide of a teammate wakes him up from their slumber. He calls it an afternoon, making an unceremonious exit to guard the recognition of his institution. And what was he doing all this at the same time as?



in the meantime, Shantanu secretly posts Venkat’s rejected thesis to Cambridge and Venkat wins the Issac Newton prize for his contribution to mathematics. Being a Hindi movie, the cease has to preach some heavy triumph-tested philosophy with amplified impact. And it does within the Bachchan baritone.



Yadav crosses all limits of absurdity in her story’s continuity – so, we have law enforcement officials as touring faculty or harmless display stoppers, a woman student who dares to naked for the sheer thrill of it, cash spilling out of vehicle richshaws and automobiles, a cardiac arrest inside the midst of a card recreation overlooking a cricket suit …we have every weird going on that you can suppose at random.



notwithstanding the ridiculous script, if the movie is watchable, it’s simplest because of the towering presence of Bachchan. For a change, his beard fits the role, and his histrionics destroy free of the staple Shawa-Shawa or Makhana smear. although he can easily skip for a mathematician, he doesn’t seem like a South Indian from any angle.


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Madhavan, Dhruv Ganesh, Shraddha Kapoor, Siddarth Kher, Vaibhav Talwar… all are astonishing, trying their best to make experience of the nonsense. The bearded guy who plays Dhruv’s roommate is superb – he deserved some more footage for sure.