Misuse of Sources in Schoolwork

School works that require writing often require other publications to be used as references. Such references contain important and useful information that can be incorporated into the school work to make it even better. However, the problem about this is that sources are often misused in school works. For instance, there are students who do such school works by only copying such publications either entirely or partly. When they do that, they commit plagiarism.

As a result, these students receive extreme punishments in the institution they are in. For example, they can get suspended from school for a few days to a week. Others get expelled from school. This means that misuse of sources in school work should be avoided at all times. And to do that, you must know how such a thing is done often by students. With such knowledge, you will know yourself how to prevent them. Also, you can help yourself more in preventing plagiarism by using the plagiarism checker free for students. You can learn all of that from this article.

Plagiarism Checker

  • A source is misused when a student uses the ideas and works of someone without proper acknowledgements.
  • A source is misused when an entire publication or written work is copied and then submitted as one’s original.
  • A source is misused when parts of a paper are copied but no acknowledgements or citations were used in the paper.
  • A source is misused when different publications or written works are entangled together to create a seemingly original written work.
  • A source is misused when a list of references or sources is not included in a paper thereby failing to point out from what publications were the information incorporated into the paper were found.
  • A source is misused when citations are not used properly in a text resulting to plagiarism.
  • A source is misused through accidental plagiarism, when a person fails to know that he or she is already committing plagiarism. This is an occurrence when a person is not knowledgeable enough about the definitions of plagiarism and how it occurs.

Make sure to always keep in mind the things mentioned above in order to help you in checking whether you have committed plagiarism or not. Or if you are a student, whether you have committed plagiarism or not. If you need additional help in checking the papers of your students for plagiarism, or if you are a student who wants to make sure that you do not commit plagiarism then you can use the tool called plagiarism checker free for students. This tool will indicate to you the percent originality of a paper and whether you need a revision for your paper or not.